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If you are a new player to Wolves FC and require further information or assistance please attend our Information Sessions or  contact our Club Registrar on 0408 598 137 or  [email protected] 

Player registration is available online via the FFA’s Myfootballclub online registration system. The online registration process is available to all players (except QMF Over 35).

In addition to players, all coaches, managers and volunteers at the club will also have to go through Myfootballclub and register as per step 1 of the online registration process.

Note: SAP & QPL are registered through the Wynnum Wolves Football Club  FQPL section & all other players through the Wynnum Wolves Football Club section in the product selection part of the registration process. 

Online Registration Process

There are a couple of simple steps in the online registration process:

Step 1: Player Registration

Online Registration will occur through the FFA’s Play Football website. Ple. Online registration is required for all players.


More Important Notes:

  • All new players who have not played any Club Football before must provide proof of identity (such as a birth certificate or passport) for sighting by the Club Registrar.
  • All players must be registered and paid their registration fees before they will be allowed to play any games or train with a team.
  • All players must be registered to enable the necessary administration and preparation work for the season to be undertaken.
  • If you have NOT REGISTERED and/or have NOT PAID, you will NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.

Player Registration Process Checklist:

  1. Step One: Create a New Football Account (Must have an account to register).  If you are already registered or are a returning player – go straight to step 2
  1. Go to: https://account.footballnetwork.com.au/register
  2. Create a new Football Account
  3. Complete the registration process
  1. Step Two: To Register a Player
  2. Go and login to Play Football website: https://www.playfootball.com.au/
  3. Click on “REGISTER NOW”
  4. Click on any of the “Find your team” boxes
  5. Type in the name of the club:

Start typing “Wynnum …”

Two clubs will show up in the dropdown list:

Wynnum Wolves Football Club Inc: select this club to register a player for Divisional teams

Wynnum Wolves Football Club Inc – FQPL: select this club to register a player for QPL teams

  1. Click on the button “Start My Registration”
  2. One the next screen: click on the button “Get Started”. If an error message is displayed, try again.
  3. Select the person you are registering for

Very important step

Through this process, you can link your children’s accounts and registrations to your own account.

If you have several children playing for the club, make sure that they are linked to one parent’s account only! This way the registration system can automatically allocate the sibling discounts to the final fee.

  1. Press “Continue” and complete the necessary details and click on “Search”. The registration system will try to retrieve the full details of the player.
  2. Click on “Continue”
  3. Select “Product”

“Product” is what used to be called a “package”

Select he product that applies to the person being registered.

Note that MiniRoos U12 are part of the Junior Divisional (U12 – U18) product

  1. Once you have selected a product, follow the steps on your screen.


If you get an error message for a phone number, remove the spaces in the number.

Please complete the “Organisational Specific Information” questions. These questions are specific for the Wolves FC club and will allow us to provide better service to our players, teams, parents, volunteers and community.

  1. Profile Photo:

Very important step

It is strongly recommended that you upload a photo of the player. This can also be done at a later stage; however, registered players will not be able to play in the competition without a photo being uploaded.

  1. Review your order

Very important step

Please review all the information and tick the relevant check boxes at the bottom of the page.

  1. Click “Continue”
  2. Payment

Very important steps and information

  1. If you have already registered a sibling of the player, the “sibling savings” should be applied automatically.
  2. Vouchers/Coupons: this only applies if a deposit for the player’s registration has already been received by the club (e.g. for FQPL or Komodo teams). If you have paid such deposit, you will receive an email from the club registrar with the Voucher Code. If you have not yet received this code, please contact the registrar: [email protected]
  1. Payment options

Very important steps and information

  1. Pay Online”: As a club that relies 100% on volunteers, our preference is that registrations are paid online. Whilst this will incur a small additional fee (±1.7%), it saves our club substantial administrative efforts and time when reconciliating payments against player registrations.
  2. Pay Offline“: please only select this option if:
    • you are registering as a team coach, manager or volunteer. The fee for these products is $0.
    • You want to pay the club directly (avoiding bank fees) via direct deposit:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)

BSB: 064133

Account No: 10552025

Account Name: Wynnum Wolves Football Club Inc.

Please email your payment receipt to [email protected] & [email protected]

  • You have already paid the full amount directly into the club’s bank account.
  1. Get Started Voucher
  2. This will be handled outside the registration system.
  3. If you already have a Gets Started Voucher, please select “pay offline”.
  4. “Get Started Vouchers” need to be submitted to the club registrar for validation.

We wish all our players a great season!!!

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