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General Information

Wolves FC fields teams in the Super Youth League and the Junior Divisional Competitions from under 12 through to under 16. In order to ensure every player plays in their appropriate competition for their age group, all players are graded.

What age group do I play in?

 Players will be assigned to teams in age groups based on their date of birth as follows:

  • Under 12 – Players attaining the age of 12 years in registration year
  • Under 13 – Players attaining the age of 13 years in registration year
  • Under 14 – Players attaining the age of 14 years in registration year
  • Under 15 – Players attaining the age of 15 years in registration year
  • Under 16 – Players attaining the age of 16 years in registration year

Note that the Club will make every effort to place players in their appropriate age group as determined by their date of birth. There may be circumstances where a player will be allowed to play in an older age group. However, approval must be gained from Football Brisbane in consultation with the club.

Further details can be found in the Rules of Competition for BPL Juniors U12-16 and Rules of Competition for Junior Divisional U12-16.

How does Grading Work?

 All players participating in the Brisbane Premier League and Junior Divisional competitions must be graded into a specified team nominated by the club. Players can only be graded into one team at any one time.

Click on the link for the Parent & Player briefing for trials and grading.


To play at Wolves FC you must be registered. Go to our registration page for further details.

It is important that:

  1. All players are registered and registration fees paid before they will be allowed to play any games or train with a team.
  2. Players must play in their designated age groups as determined by their date of birth.

Coaches and Managers for Junior Competition Teams

Wolves FC gives parents the opportunity to participate with their children through either coaching or managing a team. Whilst we prefer coaches to have previous experience, formal qualifications or playing experience, we acknowledge that this is not always possible. Wolves FC has numerous initiatives in place to assist parent coaches in coaching a team including the following:

  • All new coaches are encouraged to participate in the Grassroots Coaching Programme which provides a good introductory overview of the role of the coach with guidance for training. This is provided free of charge.
  • Coaches are encouraged to complete appropriate Coaching Licenses i.e. Junior, Youth, Senior courses.
  • Wolves FC holds coach development sessions which provide coaches detailed and proven methods of coaching.
  • Coaches are required to obtain their Blue Card.

Wolves FC are proud of the enthusiasm of our parent coaches and managers. Whilst many started with no formal coaching qualifications, Wolves FC has assisted most of our coaches to complete either a grassroots, junior or youth coaching license.


For further information, please contact our Juniors Co-ordinator

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